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Inspired by the "backyard ultra" running events- and more recently the Personal Peak Quarantine Backyard Ultra- this event takes place in your garage, living room, or pain cave via online racing and accountability. With many events being cancelled around the world in 2020 the Ultra Distance community of cyclists and triathletes has lost the connection that comes with pursuing long distance challenges together. We are excited to present a new event format that will encourage athletes to push beyond their limits for 12 or 24 hours


Racing...from your garage


The Basics

- Riders must start the "Tempus Fugit" Route every hour at the top of the hour. This is a flat loop on ZWIFT.

- Participants must ride at least 40 minutes each hour if they finish the lap in less time than that

- Participants must finish the Tempus Fugit loop and be ready to start a new lap 5 minutes before the top of the hour in order to still be eligible for a jersey

- Each participant that completes 12 hours will receive a "12 HOUR" jersey. 

- If an athlete finishes all 24 hours they will receive a "24 HOUR" jersey instead of the 12 hour version.

- Eliminator challenge. If you sign up for the eliminator you will continue riding from Hour 25 CONTINUOUSLY UNTIL YOU STOP! More info about the Eliminator below; 

- Winner gets the 1 and only "YELLOW JERSEY" delivered in addition to their 24 HOUR jersey.

- There will also be 12 (6 mens and 6 womens) “green jersey" giveaways for the fastest split on the  Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint" Section (7km) on lap number 1, 2, 4, 6, 8,& 10

- Athletes are encouraged to have zoom meet ups with their training buddies 

-Athletes are encouraged to add #SOCO to their username prior to the event in order to chat with the community via the Zwift companion app



Athletes who complete a minimum of 12 hours (12 laps) will receive this jersey!


Athletes who complete a minimum of 24 hours (24 laps) will receive this jersey!


Sprint jerseys (for Fuego Segments) and Eliminator Yellow Jersey

SIDE NOTE: We can't guarantee the jersey size you request "fits." Unfortunately no exchanges will be considered for any reason. We suggest getting a larger size in order to not be stuck with something too small! Please use the size chart and consider getting a slightly looser fitting jersey.


In a sport or game, sudden death is a form of competition where play ends as soon as one competitor is ahead of the others, with that competitor becoming the winner.

The Eliminator is our version of "sudden death"

After the first 24 hour "warm up" riders will ride continuously until they decide to stop. The last athlete to keep riding will win the coveted "yellow jersey"...and not much else.

In order to make it as fair as possible riders will need to maintain a minimum of 1.5 W/KG


The last person to stop riding will be declared the winner and celebrated modestly by his/her peers. 

Please note that we do know technical difficulties may occur in this format. For that reason -if a athletes video drops and/or there is no active zwift session taking place the athlete will be disqualified from competing for the yellow jersey. We will monitor the last 24 riders via a YOUTUBE ZOOM MEETING! 

If you are a rider that is expecting to make it into out "final 24" you will need to have a webcam set up and ready to record at at the end of hour 24 and prior to starting hour 25

PRO TIP: Hit the bathroom and fill a couple bottles before getting in the saddle for Hour 25- cause once you start riding -you dont stop!


Jordan Bryden is a lifetime triathlete from Calgary Alberta Canada. He currently races as a professional triathlete and is the 2019 Ultraman World Champion. Jordan also works as a a graphic designer for Tribe Solutions & Champion Systems Canada. 

"As an endurance athlete, I have really hoped to use this time to explore my limits as an athlete. I was inspired to organize this event for a couple reasons. My dad did a 24 hour roller cycling event when I was a kid and it was a challenge I always wanted to take on myself. I imagine Ultra athletes everywhere are hoping to find new goals and successes during a period when traditional races are not taking place. I would really like to connect with the Ultra community and use my position as a graphic designer to provide athletes the incentive to pursue a endurance goal at a time where finisher medals are not an option"

"I am not a professional event director, but I have organized dozens of events in the past. This type of event has not ever happened before and I expect it to have its challenges, and minor short-comings. A portion of any proceeds will be given to support the CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

We're happy to work to support the amazing efforts of CAF


It is the mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. The Challenged Athletes Foundation believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to help streamline common question we will post relevant question below:

1. What countries are able to enter this event?

Canada - United States - United Kingdom - Ireland - France - Spain - Portugal - Germany - Italy - Australia - Norway - Sweden - Denmark - Netherlands - Austria and Switzerland

2. What if I live in a country not listed on the registration page? 

We would be happy to have you join in on the fun- however we are not able to mail jerseys outside of the countries listed above. Registrants may take on the challenge alone- or register with us for "bragging rights"

3. Will there be a video feed?

Yes! We plan to have a youtube live feed. It wont be anything too fancy- but it should allow for our participants to follow along and will highlight our final athletes in the "Eliminator." We will try to feature some special guests, and participants 

4. Do I still get my jersey if I don't finish the 12 Hour?

Yes! However the sleeve and back wont have the "Finisher Badge" It is the same color as the 12 Hour Finishers Jersey.


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